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Tour destinations are packaged with 10 Points of Interest each from 8 different regions of Phuket. Each self-guided tour is digitally mapped. Explore from your couch at home or while on your vacation. For all kinds of interesting tales about Phuket and useful travel tips go to the BLOG. Want FREE personalized itineraries GET IN TOUCH. Want to purchase beautiful prints, coupon/discount travel books go to SHOP. Want to have some fun and gamify your time on this website sign up for upcoming quests, scavenger hunts and the Virtual Passport GET IN TOUCH. Want to get your business/event/organization on the app then WORK WITH ME.

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Tales from the Trails

Learn what we are all about and how you can start mapping out your adventure in Phuket.


Hi there, I’m Deanne

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An expat from Ottawa, Canada who has come to find myself living in Phuket, Thailand. And what an outstanding place this is. Just full of beauty everywhere you turn in the landscapes and in the people. I love nothing better than a trail, a destination, a map, a camera and a story to tell. I’m obsessed with capturing images of all that I am seeing, plotting out my route, telling my tales. And now I’ve found a way to share all of this with you by using Driftscape – a web-based and mobile app. Keep scrolling and check it out.

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Your Digital Travel Guide

Mapping Out Adventure

Plan your perfect local or virtual excursion with us. Thai Tales & Trails’ self-guided tours lets you find your way around the island of Phuket, Thailand.

Using the mobile app – iOS and Android – or the web-based interactive map below discover tours, quests and hidden gems with Driftscape. Choose your favourite way to explore: List or Map mode. Select TOURS from the top-left menu under what “I want to discover”. Or look up specific sites by using the search function. Exploration has never been easier!


Ways to explore

Virtual Exploration

Complete tours on-site in Phuket or at home from anywhere in the world and collect stamps for your Virtual Passport.  Completed passports could win you cool stuff.


Quests, Challenges, Scavenger Hunts

Gamify your exploration at-home or on-location.  Subscribe to check out our monthly events and play along.

Digital Travel

Using the digital map-based guide on the mobile or web-based app discover points of interest, curated tours, rich content/images/audio/video, narrated site-specific stories, uncover hidden gems and local services.

The Print Store

Collection of limited edition photographic prints. Looking for a keepsake print, a collage of your tour stops, a set of completed virtual excursions or a GIFT CARD. Stop in and check out the gallery under SHOP.