Elephants at Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary

Khoa National Park & Elephant Sanctuary

  1. Elephant Retirement Park Phuket
  2. Khoa Phra Thaeo National Park
  3. Tonsai-Bang Pae Waterfalls Hiking Trail
  4. Wat Pra Thong
  5. Khun Mae Chu Phuket Souvenirs
  6. Blue Canyon Country Club Golf
  7. Gibbons Rehabilitation Project
  8. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary
  9. Rabbit Hole AT Phuket Restaurant & Cafe
  10. Blue Tree Water Park

1 of 10 – Elephant Retirement Park Phuket

Deanne with elephant

The Elephant Retirement Park in Phuket is the sister park to the one in Chiang Mai.  The sole purpose of the park is to promote the well being of retired and rescued elephants in a safe and natural environment where they are free to roam, graze and swim.  Visitors and volunteers join the local staff and handlers to care for these amazing animals by feeding them, preparing and applying herbal remedies for the elephant’s skin, providing a mud bath scrub and hose down after.  It is an unforgettable opportunity to be able to interact and connect so closely with a Thai elephant.  The joyful experience of walking, feeding, bathing and learning about these beautiful creatures cannot be beat.  After your time spent with the elephants you are provided with toiletries so you can shower and change before you are served a Thai lunch.

2 of 10 – Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary is the last remaining virgin rainforest on Phuket Island.  The sanctuary covers an area of about 23 square kilometres in Thalang District.  Some of the animals that are native to this jungle include wild boar, moon rats, mouse deer, langurs, gibbons, slow loris and monkeys.  Around 100 different bird species have been recorded within the park as well as interesting varieties of reptiles and insects.  The main attractions of the park are 2 waterfalls with drop pools during the rainy season, hiking trails and the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre.  Tonsai Waterfall can be accessed from route 402 and Bang Pae Waterfall from route 4027.  Entrance fees are 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children.

3 of 10 – Tonsai-Bang Pae Waterfalls Hiking Trail

Guys crossing river

This 4 km long trail starts at Tonsai Waterfall and ends at Bang Pae Waterfall.  It goes through the dense jungle of the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park and requires an experienced guide. Being on this trail in the depths of the rainforest provides an opportunity to see some wildlife in the sanctuary and the spectacular forest vegetation.  The guides from Feel Phuket Tours offer a quality excursion by not only leading you through the jungle trail safely but also offering up an abundance of information about the flora and fauna.  You will need to be able to boulder and climb rocks along side the waterfalls at certain points and cross the river/stream several times. Be prepared to see snakes and spiders and bring bug spray and lots of water.  Depending on the time of year you visit and the water level you can cool off in a jungle pool after your hike or have a jungle shower under the waterfall.

4 of 10 – Wat Pra Thong

Wat Pra Thong

This ornate Buddhist temple is known for its gold statue of a half-buried Buddha.  The temple is believed to be one of the oldest on the island.  It is thought that the Buddha image was originally buried many years ago from a flood in the area that covered most of it under a layer of silt. The golden Buddha is said to be “untouchable” as legend goes every person who has tried to dig it out received a curse. In the end a temple was built around it and the visible part of the statue was covered with gold.  The grounds of Wat Pra Thong consist of several temples as well as a museum housing historical items related to the tin-mining history of Phuket. It is open daily from 8am to 5:30pm.

5 of 10 – Khun Mae Chu Phuket Souvenirs

Khun Mae Chu Phuket Souvenirs

This gift and speciality shop offers a wide range of dried food and local food products the are ready to take home as souvenirs.  Thai food stuffs such as chilli paste, noodles, curry, dried cashew nut etc. are all well packed for travel.  Other items available for sale include Thai dried fruits, sweets and gifts.  Some specific Phuket products that are famous on the island are their shrimp paste and “Taipla” fish kidney soup.  All items are locally made and unique to the Southern part of Thailand. The store offers a packing service to box your purchases ready for your flight.  Khun Mae Chu Phuket Souvenirs is conveniently located on the way to the airport about 10 min prior to your arrival there along the main road.

6 of 10 – Blue Canyon Country Club Golf

Golf ball and golf club in beautiful golf course at sunset background.

This upscale semi-private golf club features two 18-hole golf courses and has been rated one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Asia.  Blue Canyon has hosted numerous world events such as Johnnie Walker Classics and Honda Invitational.  Famous golfers such as Tiger Woods and Fred Couples and many other hall-of-famers have golfed here.  Both the Canyon and the Lakes courses are very challenging.  Meticulously maintained these gorgeous grounds offer spectacular vistas with the backdrop of the Phang Nga mountains and the Andaman Sea. The Clubhouse is inspired by Japanese Meiji era architecture with a natural river that runs through it and has a breathtaking panorama view of Canyon course from the terrace.  One round + cart + caddy + club rental = approximately 4300 baht.

7 of 10 – Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre

Young gibbon monkey hanging on the rope while playing and having fun

This rehabilitation centre is a non-governmental organization aiming to reintroduce previously captive white-handed gibbon apes into the wild.  It is located near Bang Bae Waterfall on the east side of Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. The project is partly funded by volunteers working at the centre who feed the gibbons and clean the premises.  It is possible to attend a tour of the centre and while the tour is free the project also depends on donations from visitors to fund the cost of the rehabilitation of these endangered animals.  The Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre is open for visitors from 10am to 4pm daily, all year round.

8 of 10 – Phuket Elephant Sanctuary


The elephants at this sanctuary are provided maximum freedom to naturally roam, forage, bathe and socialize in the jungle below while visitors can observe from above on a 600-metre-long, 6-metre-tall canopy walkway.  As part of a guided tour, you may also watch the elephants in their natural environment from a respectable distance as you hike through the 30-acre lush, tropical jungle.  Morning and afternoon programs are available where you can meet and enjoy feeding the elephants, learn about each individual animal from the guides, and explore the sanctuary together hiking on the canopy walkway and nature trails.  The tour comes with a Thai buffet and beverage.

9 of 10 – Rabbit Hole AT Phuket Restaurant & Cafe


This restaurant is a loft-style modern structure set amongst a beautiful natural setting. Inside you feel like you are eating in a greenhouse.  Outside on the terrace you can dine overlooking the beautiful gardens, waterfalls and fishponds. There are multiple seating areas around the property with many photo zones. The highlight is the petting zoo with a rabbit corral where you can play and pet the rabbits.  Chickens, geese and horses also share the surrounding space. Entry is free although you can buy treats for the animals.  The restaurant serves a wide variety of food and beverages including coffee, smoothies, baked goods, Thai and Western dishes.

10 of 10 – Blue Tree Phuket Water Park

Funny excited man enjoying summer vacation in water park riding yellow float laughing.

Blue Tree Phuket water park is an immense playground in a resort-style complex designed for adults and kids with dramatic cliff jumps and water slides.  It includes a huge pool and many restaurants and shops.  On Saturdays there is even a market.  Experience the Super Fly, Cliff Jumping, Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course on top of paddleboarding, beach volleyball, ziplining, water jousting and ice skating all in the same place.  The Family Splash Zone is perfect for younger kids.  Sun beds, lockers and towels are available.  Tickets cost around 600 baht and include full access to the lagoon and 350 baht to spend on food and drinks.