Patong beach sign


  1. Kathu Waterfall
  2. Phuket Mining Museum
  3. Kathu Shrine
  4. Muay Thai Boxing Stadium
  5. Bangla Walking Street
  6. Patong Beach
  7. Night Market Patong
  8. Simon Cabaret Show
  9. Paradise Beach – Moon Festival Parties
  10. Freedom Beach

1-Kathu Waterfall


A trek through the jungle leads to the Kathu Waterfalls which has 4 levels creating a series of drop pools.  The path follows the waterfall up to the top and you can expect a somewhat challenging climb up a set of stone stairways to get there.  It is best to visit the falls during the rainy season (May to Oct) otherwise the falls tends to be more of a trickle.  When there is a lot of water cascading down, the falls are beautiful in amongst the thick jungle foliage and the drop pools are deep enough to swim in.

2-Phuket Mining Museum


As you drive through the grand entrance to the museum property you will be impressed by the beautiful example of Sino-Portuguese architecture of the main building that sits on a huge, manicured lawn.  The museum showcases the history of Phuket’s mining and minerals industry.  Phuket was a major tin-producing centre for many years.  Thousands of Chinese immigrants came to work in this industry and settled on the island creating the cultural influence of the Baba people who live there today.  The museum covers this progressive history with both indoor and outdoor exhibits highlighting various tin-mining methods, lives and labour conditions of the workers.

3-Kathu Shrine

Yellow lamps for Chinese Vegetarian Festival, Thailand.

According to ancient history, Kathu Shrine, built 200 years ago, is where the famous Phuket Vegetarian Festival began.  It features prominently during the nine-day festival held all over Phuket usually in October. During the festival the shrine is crowded with worshippers wearing white clothing.  You can watch the pole-raising ceremony to open the festival, bladed ladder-climbing, fire walking and purchase vegetarian food sold by vendors in the surrounding streets.  Inside the shrine there are many statues of Chinese gods and holy Buddha images made of wood, some of which are almost 100 years old.  Near the altar table is a statue of the highly revered Guan Yin goddess standing on a dragon.

4-Muay Thai Boxing Stadium

Thai boxing in Thailand

Every Saturday night Patong Boxing Stadium features professional Muay Thai boxing matches showcasing fighters from Thailand and abroad.  The fights are intense, exciting and relatively violent so may not be to everyone’s taste. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and Thai people are very proud of their fighting art.  It is different from boxing in that the Muay Thai style uses an 8 point striking system involving punches, kicks, elbows and knees whereas a boxer only uses their fists to throw punches. If you are feeling particularly adventurous there are opportunities here to train and learn the authentic Muay Thai style of fighting.

5- Bangla Walking Street

Bangla Walking Street

Bangla Road in Patong becomes an exhilarating pedestrian walking street starting around 6pm with the crowds building as the night goes on.  Walk this strip and you will find all things that make up extreme nightlife in Phuket.  Go-go bars, clubs, massage parlours, live music, drinks, friendly ladies and lots of party, party all night long.  It is spectacular to behold.  All along Bangla Walking Street there is something to see and don’t miss out the alleys, or as they are called locally “Sois”, that branch from Bangla Road where you can find more of the same but with slightly cheaper beer bars. Every bar has ladies out front encouraging you to come in for a beverage by showing you their establishment’s menu.  Or dancers will catch your eye up on counters or swinging on poles.  Grab a drink and people watch it is pure entertainment.

6-Patong Beach

Flags on beach

Patong Beach is Phuket’s most popular and famous holiday destination.  Patong is renowned for its party atmosphere and there are lots of beachfront restaurants, cafes and bars that line the 3km long white sandy beach. Patong Beach has a row of coconut, palm and almond trees separating the shore from the main road providing some shade and where you’ll find vendors selling snacks, drinks and beach massages. The best time to visit Patong Beach is between Nov and Apr when the sea is very flat and calm.  There are lots of water sport activities that you can partake in with rentals available along the beach such as parasailing, jet skis, snorkeling, surfing and kayaking.

7-Malin Plaza Patong

The seafood cafe offers the shrimps and octopuses on skewers, oysters, sea snails and mussels, Bangla market, Patong beach, Phuket, Thailand

Malin Plaza is Patong’s Night Market.  The entire shopping area is protected under a high metal roof and the shops themselves have been constructed out of old shipping containers.  Vendors are selling clothes, household goods, souvenirs and street food. There are many delicious food items for sale to satisfy whatever craving you might have.  Sweets of all sorts, every kind of tropical fruit imaginable, fresh fish cooked to order in front of you, chicken and chips, sushi and cocktails.  There is an impressive array of souvenirs available ranging from genuine Thai products to the typical cheap knock offs.  Also, you will find many talented tailors offering to alter on the spot any garments bought in the market.

8-Simon Cabaret Show

Traditional simon cabarret show of unidentified trans during dancing in patong, phuket.

“Thailand’s most famous ladyboy show”.  This is an extravagant cabaret show held in a luxurious theater.  The venue is full of glitz and glam with beautiful plush seating and holds approximately 600 people.  The performances are full of vibrant colour, impressive stage designs and lighting with dancers in elaborate costumes and headdresses. The entertainers perform a variety of numbers featuring a mix of modern and traditional acts with music, dance and comedy representing many cultures from around the world. After the show, you will have the opportunity to meet the stars and take photos for a small fee.  There are three shows daily that last about an hour.  Drinks are available at the bar before and after the show.  It is a fun evening out for both adults and children.

9-Paradise Beach – Moon Festival Parties

Group of firestarter performing amazing fire show with sparkles at night - Full moon party event festival in Thailand nightlife at beach resort - Wanderlust and travel concept around the world

Paradise Beach Club is located 10 minutes from Patong at the end of a peninsula extending into the Andaman Sea with white sands and crystal-clear waters.  Buy a day pass to access the club’s amazing beach services and activities.  There is a restaurant and 3 beach bars, lockers, showers, lifeguards, beach chairs & swings, towel rental, massage and shuttle service.  Sport activities include beach volleyball & soccer, SUP, kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Paradise Beach is famous for its Moon Festival Parties where you can party to the wee hours of the morning dancing to international DJs’ soundtracks on the beach under the light of the moon.  As part of your admission watch professional dancers, fire demonstrations and laser/light shows on the LED screen.

10-Freedom Beach

Freedom beach, Phuket, Thailand - Tropical island with white paradise sand beach and turquoise clear water and granite stones

A peaceful, tranquil get away from the hustle and bustle can be found at the low-key Freedom Beach.  It is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the area.  This beach is only accessible by longtail boat and only during the high season – Dec to Jun.  A typical pick-up spot to take a boat can be found at the southern end of Patong Beach near the big bridge by Amari Phuket. Once you get there the beach is all yours to enjoy.  There are no vendors here to buy food or drink so if you’re staying for the day be sure to pack a picnic lunch.  It would also be a great idea to bring your snorkeling gear as this is a lovely location to see lots of fish and marine life at both ends of the beach.